The dunk tank is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot hold the dunk tank without payment due to the high summer demand. You can pay now instantly online when reserving the dunk tank to secure it for your event before someone else does!

Deliveries: We are no longer delivering or picking up the dunk tank. If you rent the dunk tank, you will be responsible to pick it up and return it. However, it’s easy to transport in almost every vehicle, and I have a great video that shows you exactly how to set it up!

REFUND POLICY: If you rent the dunk tank and pay the fees online, and if the dunk tank rental is cancelled prior to delivery, any Paypal fees associated with your rental will not be refunded.

Don’t forget to fill out the rental agreement/liability waiver after reserving your date on the calendar, and then emailing it to filled out!