1583 N 460 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


By renting a dunk tank from Utah Dunk Tanks, you agree to use the dunk tank for the purpose it was designed for no other purpose, and in addition you agree to the following terms below:

1. You, or anyone else at your event, will not use the dunk tank while it is empty.
2. You agree that the deposit is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not you decide to cancel your event, or not. If you do not provide the required rental agreement and a valid picture ID, we cannot let you take the dunk tank and you will forfeit your deposit paid online.
3. You agree to not let children who are unable to swim in the dunk tank itself.
4. You agree to treat the dunk tank as if it were your own, and will take extra precautions to ensure a long life of the dunk tank vinyl liner, backdrop, metal construction, and throwing balls provided.
5. If we do not hear from you by 10:00am on the day of the rental, we reserve the right to re-rent the dunk tank, if possible. If you have already paid a deposit, or the entire amount for the rental, we will not rent the dunk tank until we hear from you. If you haven’t paid anything, you will lose the dunk tank. Because this is on the honor system, we encourage those reserving the dunk tank online to NOT do so unless you fully intend to rent it and pay for it no matter whether you use it or not.

Thank you again for renting the dunk tank, we hope you have a WONDERFUL event!